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We practice in areas of Taxes | Audits | Retirement | Insurance. We also can help with IRS problems, Bankruptcy and other...» Read More


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Did you know, your house is not the biggest expense of your lifetime. Neither is college for your kids. The biggest expense you’ll ever face is income taxes. And the minute you start thinking about accounting and income taxes as an expense, rather than just a fact of life, is the moment you’ll change your thinking about how you approach your financial planning.

At “Got Taxes”, we offer a free initial review and consultation of your previous three years’ tax returns and you only get charged if we prepare a corrected or amended return.

While tax preparation and tax filing may be a nuisance to large CPA firms, to you, tax preparation may be the most important event of the year. Often middle class taxpayers find themselves with large firms that are not looking to handle their tax and financial affairs or in a commercial outlet where their taxes and other financial matters are handled by people who have received just a few weeks of training without any real experience or qualifications. When it comes to our health we often seek out a second opinion and it should be no different with our money.

Our firm practices in the areas of Taxes, Audits, Retirement and Insurance. However, we also can help clients with other matters such as - Bankruptcy, IRS liens, Foreclosures, Stop Wage garnishments and Bank levies, State audits, Tax liens, Tax Return preparation and Tax planning, Bookkeeping services, and more. We’re a full service Accounting firm, which means we work with a team of professionals with decades of experience including - Tax Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPA), IRS Enrolled agents, Insurance Brokers, and more.

We believe every day provides fresh opportunities to make the most of your financial future. It's never too late to maximize your potential by integrating knowledgeable tax strategies with sound financial planning. Clients appreciate our personal attention and focus on their specific needs (be it Tax preparation, an IRS audit, a Bankruptcy issue or other). The firm provides services to individuals, families and small businesses, and we can especially help those with more complicated financial lives make good decisions at tax time and throughout the year. Our goal is to deliver your tax returns, advice and financial planning with less stress and more precious time to enjoy living your life.

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