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Personal Financial Planning

You work hard for your money; let your money work hard for you. If only planning were as simple as tucking away dollars in an IRA, or making a few wise investments in stocks and bonds. Unfortunately, it isn't. Through our relationship with Asset Management firms in your area -- our financial planning and advisory affiliates -- we can help you define and achieve your financial goals.

We are affiliated with registered investment advisors, who develop personalized financial plans with your goals in mind.  They actively manage financial management accounts, investing and trading in stocks, bonds, and other securities.  By optimizing financial and capital efficiencies with the goal of maximizing profits and investment returns, we can help you with the following:

  • Cash flow analyses
  • Pension distribution planning
  • Review of investment strategies
  • Portfolio allocation
  • College funding analysis

We deal with Asset Management firms who offer a wide range of investment products and services from boutique-like capabilities delivered through a global structure.

Equities offers a full spectrum of investment styles with varying risk and return objectives. It has three investment pillars with distinct strategies: Core/Value (portfolios managed according to a price to intrinsic value philosophy); Growth (portfolios of quality growing companies that we believe to be undervalued in the market); and Structured (strategies that employ proprietary analytics and quantitative methods, including passive).

Fixed Income offers a diverse range of global, regional and local market-based investment strategies that cover a wide range of benchmarks. Capabilities include core government and corporate bond strategies, complemented by extended strategies such as high-yield and emerging market debt.

Alternative and Quantitative Investments has two primary business lines - multi-manager (or fund of funds) and single manager. The multi-manager business constructs portfolios of hedge funds operated by third-party managers.

Global Real Estate actively manages real estate investments in Asia, Europe and the US, as well as across the major real estate sectors. Its capabilities are focused on core and value-added strategies but also include other strategies across the risk/return spectrum. Asset Management firms we work with offer direct investment, fund of funds and real estate securities strategies.

Global Investment Solutions offers asset allocation, currency, manager research and risk management services. Asset Manament firms we work with manage a wide array of domestic, regional and global balanced portfolios, currency mandates, structured portfolios, multi-manager and absolute return strategies. Through their Strategic Investment Advisory services partners, they support clients in a wide range of investment-related functions including investment policy setting, integrated asset liability solutions, multi-manager approaches, investment outsourcing and fiduciary management.

Infrastructure and Private Equity manages direct and multi-manager (fund of funds) strategies. A dedicated team, Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM), manages direct investments in infrastructure assets globally. The multi-manager business constructs portfolios of infrastructure and private equity funds operated by third-party managers.

Fund Services, global fund administration business, provides professional services, including legal set-up, reporting and accounting, for retail and institutional investment funds, hedge funds and other alternative products.

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